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People Love Practical

PRACTICAL: I love offering my sphere of influence and clients practical, real, actionable advice, insights and resources. Whether its advice about cleaning up/raising credit scores, a great local plumber, a new restaurant, a potential park restoration, etc. Innovations for energy savings? I communicate things that are useful not just transactional. Information that helps us live better lives.

What do you want to know about living in San Diego?

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The 5 D's of Real Estate

Remember the 5 D'S of real estate, the drivers that never go away: 1. Diapers. (kids!) 2. Diamonds (marriage!) 3. Divorce. (you get it....) 4. Down-sizing or Up-sizing 5. Death (inevitable)

Wire Fraud - You are at risk

Wire Fraud You Are at Risk Email-based wire fraud is a known risk in today’s real estate industry. It is important to know what is happening and how to minimize risk. What are fraudsters doing? Hack


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