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What about polls and surveys?

There are so many polls and surveys that come out and many are inaccurate, incomplete or simply designed to create a headline. Yet, in each one I try to extrapolate some potential value. Here are some results of a recent new OnePoll survey commissioned by TrueGreen of 2,000 homeowners split evenly by generation. With each 'finding" I suggest an opportunity:

1. The top expenses during that first year of homeownership are appliance replacement (56%), exterior repairs such as windows (53%), and major repairs like roofing (52%).

......Before you list your home, have a home inspection and proactively address each of these repair items and have your Realtor advertise these as value adds proactively? Then, include a 1-year home warranty for the new buyer(s)

2. 45% of those polled said they were encouraged to purchase their home based on its accessible location, while other driving factors included yard size (44%), cost (42%), and curb appeal (39%).

.... Why not invest in some landscaping and curb appeal? We focus on interior staging.... what about EXTERIOR staging? An outdoor seating area, some trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.? When you add these items, they give a place scale and visual appeal. For most, imagining the scale of a bare yard is very tough if not impossible. Gen Z (47%) and millennials (46%) were more likely to cite curb appeal – like the color of the home, decks, and balconies – as a reason for buying than Gen X (35%) and boomers (30%).

3. Younger generations were also more likely to purchase their home based on its architecture and style, with 46% of Gen Zers and 43% of millennials doing so, compared to 30% of Gen Xers and 23% of boomers. Curb appeal has its perks, impressing guests and neighbors (61%) and providing a sense of pride (58%). Aesthetics matter!

…Maybe a new paint color, shutters added, something to improve the external architectural appearance of a home? Paint the lobby/hallways and/or add some artwork?

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