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What is Title Theft?

And should it concern you? Do not spend money on the programs you see on TV. You don't need to and here is why. Please reach out to me for a Property Profile so you can check.

Title theft is real and is sharply rising due to our ever-increasing digital world that allows criminals to conduct transactions hidden behind a computer screen.

  • Title theft is one of the many things a criminal can accomplish with identity theft. The criminal impersonates the homeowner in either a resale transaction by forging a deed conveying the property or in a refinance loan where the equity in the property is stripped.

  • The term “title theft” is a misnomer. The homeowner never loses their legal right to title because a forged deed is not valid.

  • While the homeowner may still have title, it can cost the homeowner time and expense in clearing the invalid documents from the title to the property and undoing the fraudster’s dirty work.

How Can Consumers Protect Themselves?

  • Review your title policy to make sure you have coverage for fraudulent title conveyances and encumbrances. If you do not see the coverage, contact First American for clarification or information on how you can obtain coverage.

  • If you are buying a home, request a title insurance policy with fraud coverage. Lenders should also request title insurance policies with fraud coverage.

  • Monitor your credit report for changes related to your property or loans.

There is no infallible way to prevent title theft, but title insurance can help mitigate the risk of loss. First American offers title insurance products that can provide coverage for losses due to fraudulent conveyances.

Information courtesy of First American Title.

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